Fan Content Policy

In most cases, using our games, artwork, videos, music, characters, logos, and other intellectual property (“Vigilante IP”) without our permission is illegal and a violation of our rights. So, we created this Policy to explain what you may do regarding your Fan Content. In this Policy, “Fan Content” means: your personal, non-commercial (i) fan art (such as artwork, photographs, videos, and other materials) that is based on the Vigilante IP; and (ii) Vigilante IP-related websites and apps that are freely accessible to the public. 

Please read this Policy carefully before creating any Fan Content. We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time by posting the revised Policy to our website. Any existing Fan Content that no longer complies with this Policy due to a change in the Policy must be modified to be compliant with the Policy. 


Section 1 – General Rules 

1.1 You may create Fan Content based on Vigilante IP as long as you comply with this Policy. Any Fan Content that violates this Policy is prohibited. 


1.2 This Policy applies only to Vigilante IP that you access pursuant to Vigilante’s Terms of Service, end user license agreements, and/or other agreements you have with Vigilante. For example, if you have agreed to Vigilante’s end user license agreement for a particular game, then this Policy covers the Fan Content you create based on that game. 


1.3 All Fan Content must be appropriate for the audience of the Vigilante IP and consistent with the spirit and tone of the Vigilante IP (as determined by Vigilante). Fan Content must comply with applicable law, may not violate the rights of others, and must not be obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, offensive, objectionable, or harmful to others. 


1.4 Fan Content must have no commercial (i.e., monetary) objective. As an exception to this, individual fans are permitted to monetize web videos (such as YouTube) with advertisements, so long as those videos otherwise meet the requirements of this Policy. 


1.5 Vigilante, in its sole discretion, can revoke your permission to create Fan Content at any time and for any reason. 


1.6 You may not say nor imply that your Fan Content is endorsed or approved by Vigilante. 


1.7 Your Fan Content may not include links to any website that promotes or exploits cheats or hacks to Vigilante’s games or any other games. 


1.8 You may not create or use any Fan Content in a manner that could cause people to believe that it is an official Vigilante production. For example, a fan website may not be designed to look like an official Vigilante website, and it must be clear to visitors that the website is not an Vigilante website. 


1.9 You may not use any Vigilante IP in any manner that is derogatory to Vigilante or that may damage the value, reputation, or goodwill of Vigilante or its products or brands (as determined by Vigilante). 


1.10 You must display the following disclaimer on or in connection with your Fan Content, including on any web page containing your Fan Content: 


  • Portions of the materials used are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Vigilante Design LLC. All rights reserved by Vigilante. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Vigilante. 

1.11 If you use Vigilante brands, logos, game titles, character names, or other trademarks (“Marks”) in connection with your Fan Content, you must follow these rules: 


  • Marks must be used only in connection with discussion of the Vigilante products or business they represent. Do not use Marks to identify or promote you, your Fan Content, or any other products or business. 
  • Marks must be used in a manner that will enhance and not damage the reputation and goodwill associated with the Marks. 
  • Do not use any Marks in the name of a website unless it is clear from the name that the website is not an official Vigilante website. 
  • Do not register or use any domain name that is confusing like our domain names. 
  • Do not alter any Marks. Examples: 
  • “Unreal Engine 4” should never be changed to “”Unreal 4 Engine” or “Unrealengine 4”. 
  • The colors of a logo should not be altered, and the design and appearance of the logo should not be modified or adapted into a new logo. 


Section 2 – Your Agreements with Vigilante 

Except for the limited permission described in Section 1 above, your use of any Vigilante IP is subject to Vigilante’s Terms of Service, end user license agreements, and other agreements you may have with Vigilante regarding the websites, games, and other materials from which you access the Vigilante IP. Those agreements include important legal terms (such as limitations of liability, disclaimers of warranties, and dispute resolution), so please review those agreements carefully before creating any Fan Content. 


Section 3 – Mods 

As you know, Vigilante allows fans to create modifications or enhancements (“Mods”) to some of our games pursuant to the end user license agreements for those games. Please note that this Policy does not change our game end user license agreements with respect to Mods. 


Section 4 – Do Not Send Vigilante Your Fan Content or Game Ideas 

Please do not send your unsolicited Fan Content or game ideas to Vigilante; they will be deleted without review. 


Section 5 – Enforcement of Rights 

Vigilante reserves the right to take legal action against you for your misuse of Vigilante IP. 


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