Fighter Mirage 2000-5 (West)


The Vigilante Mirage 2000-5 is a French single-seat fighter jet with two 30 mm autocannons. It is DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) integration ready, fully rigged, and drivable.

Supported Engine Versions


Supported Platforms:

Windows 64-Bit

Required plugin(s):


The Vigilante Mirage 2000-5 is a single-seat French multirole fighter jet and serves as an improved version of the Mirage models manufactured by Dassault Aviation. The 2000-5 model upgraded its electronics with the Thomson-CSF RDY (radar Doppler multitarget) with look down/shoot down capability and has an enhanced cockpit, including an improved head-up display. It is equipped with two DEFA 554 autocannon (now GIAT 30–550 F4) 30 mm guns and a SNECMA M53-P2 turbofan engine that reach up to a maximum speed of 2,336 km/h (~1,451 mph / 2.2 Mach).

This vehicle blueprint is flyable and comes fully rigged, including animated flaps, rudders, ailerons, canopy, and gears. The asset has a detailed interior with its pedals and joysticks moving according to the user’s adjustments of the vehicle’s movement.

A destructible state model is included with damaged geometry, textures, fire & smoke FX. This asset also includes a countermeasure flare, afterburner, guns, and dust FX, the latter of which appearing when flying near the terrain. The asset is ready for import into your DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) simulation projects. It can be modified as needed to suit your purpose.

It is designed for simulations and supports movement from the JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model (FDM) library. This vehicle comes with two movement types, each with its own vehicle Blueprint: JSBSim integrated and projectile based movement.

JSBSim is an open source, platform-independent, flight dynamics model in C++, and the movement system uses data from its FDM, which can be easily replaced, as described in the documentation below. Also, the environmental clouds are utilizing the Volumetrics plugin from Epic Games.

A sample showcase/demo Blueprint has been included with an environment map and User Interface (UI). When you “Play” the map, the UI includes camera presets, sliders, and buttons to demonstrate the key functionalities of the vehicle. From this map you can also start flying the vehicle.


Disclaimer: This vehicle uses the Volumetrics plugin from Epic Games and JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model (FDM) from the JSBSim team for demonstration purposes only. The vehicle can be used and modified without these plugins enabled in your personal projects.

The Volumetrics plugin is used for the clouds in the scene by utilizing the volume creation and rendering tools therein.

The JSBSim FDM integrated movement requires an appropriate flight model in XML format. Vigilante LLC uses only the publicly available FDMs and does not provide actual airplane FDM itself.

All rights of the Volumetrics plugin and the JSBSim library are the exclusive property of Epic Games and the JSBSim team respectively. Vigilante does make any warranties, inferred or implied, regarding the use of Epic’s plugins nor of the JSBSim team’s library or flight models.


Technical Information


  • Compliant with SISO Entity Reference No.:
  • High quality vehicle mesh with a fully detailed interior
  • Flight functionality with JSBSim-integrated as well as projectile-based movements
  • Textures controllable via Blueprint Parameter
  • Emissive material driven lights for increased performance
  • DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) integration ready
  • Openable canopy as well as retractable gears
  • Adjustable flaps, rudders, and ailerons
  • Visual FX for the 30 mm gunfire, flares, and ground dust based on land proximity and speed
  • Damaged vehicle state and associated fire and smoke FX
  • Uses Volumetrics plugin from Epic Games

Number of Blueprints: 24

Input: Keyboard, Mouse, DIS / HLA (RPR FOM) Protocols

Network Replicated: No, requires integration into a Network Replicated Product or System

Supported Development Platforms: Win-64

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation (PDF): Click here for the vehicle documentation

Vigilante Asset Customization Guide (PDF): Click here for the Vigilante Asset Guide


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